How to Create a Functional Home Office

The number of people working from home has dramatically increased over the past few years. As a result, the need for a functional home office has grown tremendously. Many companies that have embraced this trend provide their employees with the necessary technology to work remotely. According to Bruce from Below are a few factors to consider when setting up a home functional home office;

Find the Best Location

Working from home should not mean you say goodbye to work-life balance. You will need a quiet room away from the distraction from your family members when they are going through their daily chores. If you have a spare room, you can use it to set up your home office. Otherwise, you can repurpose one of the kids’ bedrooms, especially when the home office is supposed to be a temporary one.

Your home office should have a lockable door that you can use to shut out all the chaos from your family members when you are engaging in critical work activities such as video conferencing.

Pick a color that is inspiring.

Studies have shown that the color of your office could affect your motivation. Light blue, grey, and pastel yellow are among the popular colors for enhanced productivity in a workplace. However, do not paint all four corners one color. Try to have at least one accent wall with a different color to break the monotony.

Invest in a suitable desk

Using a living room table may be effective for the short term. However, if working from home is more long-term than a temporary one, you need to invest in a proper desk. A suitable office desk must be of high quality, well designed, and strong enough to accommodate everything you might need on it for work.

Find a comfortable chair.

Even when working from a home office, you still spend about as much time seated at your workstation as you would in a regular office. You should get a swiveling chair that is adjustable to various heights, has enough padding and offers adequate back support.

Invest in good lighting

Working in dark rooms can lead to straining of the eye, which can cause exhaustion and headaches. Also, avoid bright, flickering, or pulsing lights as they are known to trigger migraines.

Strive to locate your home office near large windows with a sufficient amount of natural light. However, if this is unattainable, install your lighting to shine directly on your work instead of over your shoulders.

Invest in High-quality sound Equipment

Suppose your work involves presenting to others on zoom or any other video conferencing platform. You need to invest in high-quality sound devices such as lapel microphones and noise-canceling earphones or headphones.

Make it fun

Your home office space does not have to be boring. Spice it up with some decor and plants to create a relaxing environment.

Final Thoughts

Having a home office has become more of a necessity than a luxury. It would help if you took deliberate measures to ensure your home office is well equipped with the right office furniture and other equipment that guarantee productivity. Do not hesitate to call professionals to help you with this task.

December 8, 2021 0