Organize The Terrace

The season has arrived to put all our outdoor areas ready to take advantage of them during the next months.

How To Organize The Terrace

In this preparation work, I’m sure there are a lot of things that you do not know where to store. We propose the creation of an outdoor storage space, easy, simple and original, who said that organizing was difficult?

It is essential to know well how to organize the terrace to avoid having everything messy. When creating a storage space that will be located outside, we must use materials that are resistant to weather changes, to prevent oxidation of these and to last as long as possible. Exterior paints and varnishes will make this much more comfortable. Also, if we place this storage area under a small roof, we will make its durability greater and that the materials stored in it, suffer less damage.

How To Organize The Terrace

One of the trend options and that we like the most is the use of wood, they involve a little more maintenance, but the result never disappoints (and if they can be recycled better ?). If we want to use other materials such as metals or plastics, we can also create original and very resistant solutions with them. Everything will depend on the needs of our outdoor area, the budget and the hands we are willing to be. Remember that is the space that is always the purpose is to create harmony, continuity, and naturalness throughout the stay.

As we have talked about wood and its recycling, an element that we can find easily and that does not go out of fashion are the pallets.

We already teach you in other articles on how to create a chill-out zone with them or how to use them to combine with your decoration as headboards or even desks … This time what we will do is create a shelf.

Depending on the size of the storage area that we want to make, we will need from one pallet to several.

Pallet Shelves

The first option that we give you can also be used indoors, and for it, we will only need a pallet or two. Cut the wooden pallet in half, sanding well so that no chips remain; we give a protective layer to prevent deterioration and choose shelving shelf supports that best fit us and combine with the area in which we will place the tray. We hold each half of the pallet on the wall creating the design that best suits our space: one half on top of the other, a shelf in the shape of a staircase … What we like the most!